Love, Innit? A Compilation of Cosmo Love Songs from Oz…

March 15, 2015 by cosmoakacitizensmith

This is a compilation of Cosmo love songs via Paula De Angelis from Oz. You can view the original post and read more about her work here.  It was originally posted on Valentine’s Day.

“Anarchistic Love Songs from Cosmo

People who know me, and some who have randomly asked, know how I feel about Valentines Day. The words “hallmark holiday”, and “arbitrarily dictated expressions of love” “philosophical opposition”, usually come up. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that I am a romantic,in a weird anarchist free love type way. I like to see people getting laid. I revel in the many people I know who have beautiful, equal partnerships. I do truly believe that love is one of the greater revolutionary forces. And I love love songs.
This collection of songs, from the Cardiff based folk punk musician Cosmo, is a wonderful, unsentimental, heartfelt collection of songs that have love in the theme. Some are funny. Some are even about relationships. They are all, however, based on Cosmo’s perceptive, hilarious and unsentimental love for humanity. Which is why I like them.So happy day of romance. The occasion might be arbitrarily dictated. But love and and anarchy are good things, every day of the year.”


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