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  1. Anarchists and this whole “national conversation” business….

    October 13, 2013 by cosmoakacitizensmith

    I’m very pleased to be playing at the IWW Wales’s first birthday bash in Cardiff on 23rd November. The IWW …
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  2. These Chains Won’t Ever Hold Me

    January 20, 2012 by cosmoakacitizensmith

    Oh, these chains They won’t ever hold me Cos I sing, yes I do Till the break of the day …
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  3. Morecambe Bay (The Cockle Pickin’ Song)

    January 20, 2012 by cosmoakacitizensmith

    Oh, you think you’re pretty hard Cos you’ve just finished college An old school tie to speed you on your …
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  4. The Notorious Clench Of Professional Brits – Picket Line Party Track 5

    April 23, 2011 by cosmoakacitizensmith

    FOR MORE MUSIC AND FREE DOWNLOADS GO TO MY MAIN WEBSITE HERE! http://www.cosmoguitar.net As a Scottish-Hungarian Mockney ex-aristocrat, one considers …
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  5. One track a month free for the rest of the year! Join the Picket Line Party!

    January 29, 2011 by cosmoakacitizensmith

    You heard it right! At the moment I’m recording my next album Picket Line Party, and releasing a track once …
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  6. Citizen Smith – the album!!!

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    March 28, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith

    A right motley bunch of crew have been popping round Chez Cosmo to help bash the new album into shape. …
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  7. Keep It Freeeeee!!!!!


    February 3, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith

    In the future, we’re told, people’s workplaces and living spaces may be one and the same. Well for me, Tommy …
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